Finis Smart Coach Display Module

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Finis Smart Coach Display Module

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    The in-goggle display and activity tracker gives real-time feedback to help you track your... mehr
    Produktinformationen "Finis Smart Coach Display Module"

    The in-goggle display and activity tracker gives real-time feedback to help you track your distance and time allowing you to get the most out of your swim. Once you’re out of the water, the app provides in-depth analysis of your workouts, logs your history, and allows you to connect with friends and fitness apps.


    • Digital Display: The digital display allows swimmers to track laps, splits, time, and rest in the corner of your eye. A customizable view enables swimmers to adjust the display based on optical needs.
    • Activity Tracking: No more watches – Smart Coach automatically tracks laps, distance, stroke count, stroke type, calories, and more.
    • Ciye Swim App: The Ciye app lets you review in-depth analytics, customize your Smart Coach digital display, and share your workouts with friends and fitness apps, like Strava. Available through the Apple Store or Google Play.
    • Interchangeable Smart Coach: The Smart Coach module can be inserted and removed from the goggle lens for easy and affordable goggle replacement.
    • Combine with the new FINIS Smart Goggles!

    Before you swim

    Ciye App:

    Download the Ciye app from Apple App Store or Google Play store. Open the Ciye app and create your account. The app will begin to guide you through the sync and setup process.

    Setting up the smart goggles:

    Snap the Smart Coach into the left lens of the Smart Goggle. You should hear a “click” once it is in place.

    • The Smart Coach is inserted with the C logo facing the goggle lens and the round digital display and battery connectors facing you. The metal button should be on top.
    • Insert the left side of the Smart Coach in first, then push down to snap the right side into place. You should hear a “click” once it is in place.

    Now adjust the display so you will see it comfortably while you swim. Put the Smart Goggles on as if you were going swimming. Next, open the Ciye app and connect your Smart Goggles to the App.

    • In the Goggles tab, open “Adjust Goggle Screen” and adjust so you can easily see the digital text of the Smart Coach display.
    • Be as consistent as possible with goggle placement each time you wear them. Location of visual data will not change between swims but can appear differently to the eye if the goggles are worn differently. You’re ready to swim!

    At the pool

    Press the button on your Smart Goggles (quick press).

    Green light will blink and you will see “Start Swim” in your Smart Coach display. Start will be detected in a few seconds.

    • As you swim, the Smart Coach display will show time on the top and laps on the bottom.
    • After each turn, the Smart Coach display will show your split for the previous lap for 5 seconds. The display will then go back to the running clock and laps.

    Stops are detected after four seconds at the wall.

    • When a stop is detected the Smart Coach display will cycle through various stats like your rest time, total laps, and more.

    When you push off the wall again, the clock will reset for your next set.

    When you are done swimming press the button on your Smart Goggles again (quick press).

    • The Smart Coach will display “Great Swim” followed by a summary of your swim.
    • The Smart Coach is now ready to sync to the Ciye app.

    After your swim

    Your Coach will remain on for ten minutes after you end you swim. Just open the Ciye app and go to the Goggles tab to sync your swim data.

    • If you want to sync later, long press (about 3 seconds) the button on your Smart Goggles (should see flashing yellow light) or just put your FINIS Smart Goggles on the charger. The Smart Coach is now in Sync mode.

    Open the Ciye app and click on the Goggles tab and your swim information will upload.

    Once the sync is complete you can “See your Swim” in the News or History tab.

    Automatically upload your swim to 3rd party apps by going to your Profile and choosing from the “Connect Workout App” section.

    How do I add a new pool location?

    Open the Pools tab and click on “Add a new location.” This will take you to a screen where you can search for your pool location and add your pool details.

    How do I add a new pool?

    Open the Pools tab and click on “Edit or add pools” for your pool location.

    My pool is not one of the lengths listed for a pool?

    Open the Pools tab and click on “Edit or add pools” and then click on the “Set custom distance” option to enter a custom pool distance.

    How do I change from yards to meters/ meters to yards?

    Open the Pools tab and click on “Edit or add pools” to update the unit of measure for your pool from m (meters) to yd (yards).

    Can I customize what I see in the goggles?

    Yes, connect your Smart Goggles to the Ciye app and from the Goggles tab, select “Customize Goggles Screen.” From there you can select your desired display type from the drop down menu.

    I would like to see a different set of metrics when I swim?

    Connect your Smart Goggles to the Ciye app and from the Goggles tab, select “Customize Goggles Screen.” From there you can select your desired display type from the drop down menu.

    How do I change the brightness of the display?

    From the Goggles tab, connect your Smart Goggles to the Ciye app and select “Adjust Goggles Screen.” Use the brightness slider to adjust.

    What units are used to show my swim distance?

    The app displays the distance in the units of the pool. Make sure to set up the correct units for your pool.

    How do I know if my Smart Goggles are charged?

    You can check the battery life by navigating to the Goggles tab in the Ciye app. Additionally, when you connect the charging cable you will notice an orange and yellow light appear. The orange light indicates that the goggles are charging while the yellow light indicates that they are connected via Bluetooth. When the battery is fully charged the orange light will turn off. The flashing yellow light will stay on as long as the charging cable is connected.

    Can I use this for open water swimming?

    Yes, go for it. The goggle will show you your swim time.

    How do I take care of my Smart Coach?

    Metal contacts on the Smart Coach should be rinsed with fresh water and dried after each use.

    Can I use my Smart Coach with multiple goggles?

    Yes, but they need to be the FINIS goggles built to hold the Smart Coach, available in blue and smoke lenses.

    How do I set/change my goals?

    Open the Ciye app and click on the Profile icon in the upper right corner. Go to the Goals section and update to meet your desired goals.

    How does it coach me?

    The Smart Coach provides you real time feedback while you swim. For example, you can try a new technique and see the impact on your time.

    What is the battery life of the FINIS Smart Goggles?

    The battery should last 4 - 6 hours depending on your use. The producer recommends you to charge them after every swim.

    Are Smart Goggles available with prescription lenses?

    The FINIS Smart Goggles are not available in prescription lenses.

    What if I usually wear contact lenses?

    Those who swim with contact lenses should have no issue viewing the display. Set up the digital display in the Adjust Goggles Screen tab in the Ciye app while wearing or not wearing your contact lenses, whichever you prefer while swimming.

    Does the Smart Coach sync with my smart watch?

    No. The Smart Coach syncs to the Ciye app. Once synced, your swim summary can be shared with Strava if you’ve connected the Ciye app to your Strava account.

    Does the Smart Coach connect via Bluetooth?

    Yes. A yellow light will flash to indicate you have an active Bluetooth connection.

    How long does it take the Smart Goggles to record a stop?

    FINIS validates a stop at 3.5 to 4 seconds of no swimming motion. This is to ensure that you have fully stopped and did not just do a slower turn.

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